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Ottawa Carpet Steam Cleaning Technology

Five Different Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods

One of the recent advances in carpet steam cleaning technology has been to improve the ecological effects of the methods used. The best and most important of these has been steam cleaning.

Here are some of the most common methods for cleaning carpets using steam cleaning methods as well as other technologies.

Are you going through a tough time finding carpet cleaning companies in Ottawa? Are you burdened with too many options that are difficult to understand and choose-from? Carpet cleaning in Ottawa is a lucrative industry that revolves around many strategic methods! If you are pondering on whom to hire, here is a quick review through five carpet cleaning methods that can help you make a pick. Remember that carpet cleaning benefits can vary depending on the method that you choose.

Traditional Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

Carpet cleaning Ottawa is famous for “Hot water extraction cleaning”. It is also known as carpet steam cleaning. As suggested by its name, hot water extraction cleaning makes use of high pressurized water. Warm water agitates fiber and dissolves any trace of dirt. Most soiled surfaces can be cleaned using hot water extraction cleaning. Once steam cleaning gets completed, the carpets are rinsed. When compared to other methods, carpet steam cleaning in Ottawa is faster and much more reliable. On an average, you can clean a 3000 sq ft house in less than 2 hours. Furthermore, the surface requires four hours to dry. That is why you should engage in hot water extraction cleaning at a later time of the day.

Carpet Shampooing!

Apart from carpet steam cleaning, you can hire an Ottawa carpet cleaning company for shampooing. It is an enticing move with a history that dates back to early 1970s. Shampoo cleaning makes use of an encapsulation technique. Even the area’s most heavily soiled carpets can be cleaned using shampooing.

Tacky Foam Encapsulation

Another interesting technique used by carpet cleaning companies in Ottawa would be “Foam Encapsulation”. It is an unusual method that uses synthetic detergents. These soaps serve as the base for Foam encapsulation. As the crystals powder and dry, lose dirt particles can be removed. Vacuuming and brushing are two critical components of “Foam Encapsulation”. These methods are used by companies that provide carpet cleaning in Ottawa for many years. Moreover, foam encapsulation requires lesser water than any other carpet cleaning method.

Bonnet Cleaning in Heavy Traffic Areas!

The talk about carpet cleaning in Ottawa remains incomplete without “Bonnet Cleaning”. Thick carpet fibers can be cleaned using bonnet cleaning. This method makes use of heavy duty motorized equipment to remove stubborn dirt particles from wet carpet fibers. Carpet steam cleaning is used in most hotels and companies. It is a quick way of cleaning carpets in heavy traffic areas.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

The list of carpet cleaning Ottawa methods ends with “Dry Carpet Cleaning”. That is one of the town’s most recent techniques. It promises both convenience and efficiency.